Yellowcard: The Final World Tour – Seattle, Wa 2016

To see a band live for the first time at the end of their career is both heartbreaking and inspiring. On October 26, 2016, I attended Yellowcard’s final world tour at the Seattle show at The Showbox at the Market Place. I moved to Washington a month before that with the hopes of finding a place where I could experience more of the music that I love and seeing Yellow Card as my first show in Seattle proved that I had made the right choice.
With it being the final world tour, my roommate and I had no choice but to purchase the VIP packages. Before the show, we received packages with posters for our specific tour date, Yellowcards self-titled album, and a t-shirt. On the day of the show, we hopped on the Bolt bus from Bellingham to Seattle and went straight from the bus stop to the music venue. Seattle lived up to the stereotypes that day as the sky remained a dull grey and about an hour before the doors opened the rain began. By the time we moved indoors, everyone was soaked through.
We moved through quickly once the doors were opened. For the first part, we were handed posters and stepped up to a table for the band to sign things. Instead of having them signed the poster I chose instead to have them sign the CD I had brought with me, I knew the poster wouldn’t be very pristine after the concert was over. After the signings were complete we moved onto photographs with the band. This was the point when I realized that I needed to get better at communicating with bands when I meet them. I can’t be a good journalist if I freak out every time. Despite my very obvious nerves the photographs when well. Sean, the band’s violinist, placed his hands on my shoulders and gave me some encouraging words in a futile attempt to help me relax. But hey the picture came out good in the end.
With the VIP things taken care of everyone rushed to the floor in an attempt to get closer to the front. My roommate and I were lucky to end right on the barrier. Obviously, Yellowcard was not playing alone on this tour. The first band of the night to play was Dryjacket, an indie rock band from New Jersey. Like Torches was the next band to play. An alternative rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. At the Seattle date, we were lucky enough to have an extra special guest as local Seattle band Acceptance joined the lineup.
Emotions were very high as Yellowcard took the stage. Like almost everyone in the room, I grew up listening to Yellowcard and to be there for their final tour was a very hard thing to accept. Their music has touched so many lives and knowing that This was my first and last time to see them playing certainly took its toll. There were a lot of tears in the crowd. The band chose the perfect mixture of old and new songs and their interactions with the audience showed how comfortable they were on the stage.
Towards the end of the show, I got a strong reminder that while they may no longer be playing or making music together Yellowcard isn’t just going to disappear. I saw that behind me in the crowd was a young boy who was belting out the words to every song and dancing with abandon. I let him move in front of me to the barrier and his face lit up. Especially when Sean noticed him and grabbed one of Ryan’s guitar pick. The whole experience of the concert felt life-changing and was the perfect start to my dream of becoming a music journalist.

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