The Fresh Produce Tour 2019

Welcome to Friday! This one took me a bit longer to write up than I anticipated but between having three shows this week, my regular job, and school things got a bit hectic and I barely managed to stay afloat. This week has been a busy one and hopefully a good indicator of how the rest of my summer is going to go. 

Wednesday was my third show of the week, my third show at the Intersection, and the third stage at that venue. The Stache is the Intersection’s more intimate stage. I’ve seen one other show on that stage, and it was As It Is a couple months ago. While I enjoy going to any size show I certainly think that smaller stages like this are much more my speed. Everything feels less informal and you don’t really have to fight for your spot in the crowd.

For this show, they started off the night with local Grand Rapid’s band, Old Fire. Their set started right around 6:30 and despite there not being a large crowd yet the band didn’t let that deter them and played a great set. While the sound quality at The Stache leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to heavier bands what I could hear of Old Fire’s music sounded good. I’ve gotten their E.P Last year off of Bandcamp and I suggest anyone interested in that early skatepunk check them out. I’ll throw a link down at the bottom of this post. (You can find their E.P here )

Young Culture was the next band up. Right from the start they had a great attitude about them and interacted really well with the audience. The Lead vocalist, Alex was bursting with energy and looked like he really enjoyed being up on the stage. The band has a couple E.P’s out that both have that pop-punk sound to them. Even after their set was over Alex could be spotted in the audience dancing around during the other band’s sets and hanging out by their merch table to meet with people. I am really looking forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Next up on the lineup was Heart Attack Man, A heavier pop-punk band from Cleveland, Ohio. Heart Attack Man is somewhat of a heavier band and like I mentioned before the sound quality at The Stache leaves something to be desired in that regard so it was a bit of a challenge to get a feel for their music from the live show. I did, however, do my research beforehand and listened to their recently released album Fake Blood several times before the show.

I was especially excited to find out that Free Throw was going to be on this tour. I’ve been a fan of their music for a while now and have been eager to see them live. I have to say that I was not disappointed at all. It was a challenge to actually stay focused on my camera when all I really wanted to do was sing along, I did manage to actually take some pictures that I think came out pretty good. 

The night finished up with Seaway’s set. I first saw this band playing down in Florida back in 2017, I can’t remember who the headliner was that night but I certainly remember Seaway’s set. Tonight was even better than last time. The band has a great aura about them and even the drunk girl that kept spilling her drinks on me couldn’t ruin my mood at that point. ‘Lula on the beach’ is always a banger but I think that this time around ‘Best Mistake’ was probably my favorite song of the night.

It was a busy week but I wouldn’t change a second of it. It was certainly to interesting to experience three different shows on three different sized stages all so close to each other. Next week I will be back at The Elevation for The Damned Things and then heading on over to a different venue 20 Monroe for Bring Me the Horizon. This summer is going to be packed full of concerts and I’m looking forward to it. 


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