From Atreyu to Andy Black

These last few days have been pretty hectic for me, between working my side job and attempting to go to as many concerts as I can my schedule has been packed but most of the time it’s worth it. I hit two shows just recently so to save a little bit of time I’m going to pack them both into one post. On Sunday I saw Atreyu and the Wilsons at the Intersection. On Monday I was back at the intersection again this time at their Elevation stage for Kulick, The Faim, and Andy Black.
The lineup for Sunday’s show was The Wilsons, Atreyu, and Motionless in White. Sadly, due to my actual job I was not able to stay for the whole show though I have to admit I wasn’t totally disappointed to leave early. The crowd was a bit too wild for my taste and it got to a point that so many people were crowd surfing that I wasn’t able to enjoy the show. Don’t get me wrong, I know that crowd surfing is a part of shows like this and I normally don’t mind it. This show however it seemed like the same five people were coming over the crowd over and over again for most of Atreyu’s set, to the point where myself and several of the people around me spent more time looking over our shoulders than watching the stage.
 I took a few too many boots, elbows, and I’m pretty sure a knee to the face. After being hit in the eye and getting a tooth chipped, I had to get out of the pit and to the back of the room. The first couple rows of people on the barrier were all smaller and a good portion of them would duck when the crowd surfers were coming so the people further back had to start throwing the crowd surfers to security to avoid crushing anyone.
Ranting about that aside I did enjoy The Wilson’s opening set. Despite having just flown in from Florida the band was full of energy and eager to interact with the audience. I certainly enjoyed their songs and will be adding them to my everyday playlist. Summertime treat off their 2018 album Tasty Nasty is probably my favorite so far.
While I wasn’t able to stay until the end of Atreyu’s set it was exciting to see a band that I’ve liked for so long perform live. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to their music and the energy from their set makes me wonder why I ever stopped. I’ve got a couple of albums to catch up on and some older songs to rediscover that I’m really looking forward too.
While Sunday night’s show had to end too soon, I still had Monday to look forward to. After a morning working security, I had to rush back to the Intersection to make it in time for the VIP check-in for Andy Black, thankfully I wasn’t the last person there. The check-in for the VIP went pretty quickly and we were brought inside to get our lanyards and get a quick briefing from Andy’s tour manager; No hugs, no signing, one picture, don’t be weird. The line for the meet and greet went pretty quickly. Everyone got their photos taken with Andy and a signed copy of his comic “The Ghost of Ohio” (I haven’t had time to read it yet).
The comic was a bit of an odd thing to give as VIP merch. The venue doesn’t allow any sort of bags in so it left a lot of people trying to figure out how to keep them safe during the show, I ended up tucking mine into the waistband of my leggings to keep it from being dropped or misplaced. When everyone had finished their pictures and they had let us back on the floor I managed to snag myself a spot on the barricade on the side of the stage. Not Ideal for pictures but at least I had something to lean on and no heads to get in the way.
The bands opening that night where Kulick and The Faim, neither of which I had heard of before buying the tickets to this show, but I enjoyed both of their sets. Kulick was on first and managed to catch the attention of everyone on the floor. The sound at the venue was really well done and I was able to record them performing their song Color’s, there will be a link to the video somewhere around here.
The Faim, a band from Australia, were up next and they brought the energy in the room to a whole different level. The lead vocalist, Josh Raven, has a great personality and you can’t help but want to match his excitement during the set. Several times he left the stage and came out onto the floor to dance among the crowd and throughout the room.
Last but not least was the main event, Andy Black. Now I have to admit that I was never a diehard fan of Black Veil Brides. I was a bit intimidated by the way they looked for the most part but it really wasn’t until the last couple years that I started listening to heavier stuff and It was Andy’s first solo album “The Shadow Side” that turned me onto them. He’s got an amazing voice and I’m glad to say that I enjoyed it just as much live as I do the album. I was sort of hoping to hear his cover of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’ but I get why he chose to perform his music instead. His new album The Ghost of Ohio just came out recently and I definitely recommend it.
It was an exciting two days of new and old music, mosh pits, and waiting in lines. I’ve discovered a lot of great music to listen to that almost makes me glad my commute to work takes 45 minutes. Of course, the week is not over yet. I expect you will be hearing from me soon since I’ll be attending Seaway’s Fresh produce tour tonight (back to the intersection for me, maybe I should just move in). This time I hope to have some better pictures to share since I have been granted my first ever photo pass. While the stage they’re playing on does not have a photo pit it will be interesting to see how the pictures from my DSLR compare to those of my phone.

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