Five Tips for Attending concerts

  1. Be Prepared

Know what you can and can’t bring. Venues will have a list their websites of what is and isn’t allowed. Make sure your bag fits the requirements and take out anything that won’t be allowed in like pocket knives and pepper spray. Make sure that you’re able to bring a bottle of water.

2. Dress smart

Getting dressed up for a concert can be exciting, I always take at least a week for picking my outfit. Think about the venue you’re going to be attending at. Is it a stadium show? A bar? Is it general admission or do you have seats? If you’re going to be standing for the whole show make sure that you wear comfortable, close-toed shoes. I prefer a pair of sturdy combat boots to help prevent crushed toes for general admission. Don’t wear too many layers, if it gets hot you’re going to have to hold whatever you aren’t wearing. I usually wear jeans (shorts if its outdoors) and a tanktop, with a light button up that can be tied around my waist if I get too hot.

3. Get there early

For a general admission concert arriving early is a good way to ensure a good spot. Not to mention it’s a great way to meet people. I still regularly talk to several people I’ve met at concerts despite living on the other side of the country.

4. Take care of yourself

Seriously. Drink a lot of water and make sure you eat something before going inside. I’ve seen a lot of people pulled out by security because they’re dehydrated. Bring in as much water as the venue will allow and make sure to keep drinking. At a lot of venues staff will try to help keep people hydrated but don’t rely on them to get you water.

5. Ditch the phone

This one is definitely hard for even me to follow. I get wanting to share the moment with all of your friends or wanting to preserve it for your own memories but don’t forget to enjoy it while its happening. Odds are the pictures are going to be blurry or the sound quality of any videos recorded will be horrendous.

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